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24 Carat Gold: Belmacz Meteor Eyeshadow

At the end of last year, the Belmacz lip glosses with twenty-four carat gold in them were getting alot of attention – and rightly so but this British brand  also does eyeshadow

I have worn this colour every day for the past ten days and I am not bored of it yet.  I am addicted to it and may have to ask for an intervention at the end (of the month if I don’t stop using it.  Belmacz describe the colour as graphite, but on my skintone there is a definite mauve element, (similar to Bare Minerals Charleston – why did they discontinue that colour?) which I absolutely adore.  The gold leaf is quite evenly dispersed throughout the product so the result is classy rather than brassy – an iridescent shimmer rather than an overwhelming bright gold.


This multifunctional eyeshadow is great as a wash of colour on the lid and can be used to intensify the outer corner of the eye with other shadows.  It can be used as part of a smoky  eye as well  as an eyeliner (with a fine brush). The twenty four carat gold in the shadow does not make it lumpy, it is a very smooth shadow.  For me this is not a party look – the shimmer/glimmer is not festive or seasonal –  the iridescence means that your eyelids  catch the light as you blink and move your eyes so it is not so obviously glittery, that said, it is easy to create a vamped up evening look (lashings of liquid eyeliner with a flick and a defined crease)


I have been applying this with a brush, but it can be applied with the fingers (do you really want to dip your fingers into the pot though?). It is great for those of us who wear glasses as the iridescence catches the light and if you have crepey lids this product will minimise, not amplify that.  I find that applied with a brush it lasts all day (7am to 9pm) without creasing… but my addiction is such that I build up the colour in two thin layers.  Despite its longevity, Meteor is easily removed with Bioderma – no tugging,


Unlike a MAC Paint Pot or a Bobbi Brown gel liner you can’t lose the lid or put it down in one place and not remember where you put it (is that an age thing?),  because it is attached to the pot – which is great for me as I keep my eyeliner in the bathroom but often apply it in a different room. It does not set super hard on the eyelid, which is a blessing –it does not make the eyelids feel heavy or restrict any eye movements.  When you close the lid there is a very satisfactory snap.

Definitely my favourite product of 2013… so far!


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