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A Double Mint Punch: Cowslip Soothing Hand Cream

As part of my undergraduate degree I studied argriculture for a term (this was in the days before modules lasted a semester!) I would spent many many hours in fields with sheep and cows.  It was Wales so mainly sheep, but I distinctly recall that there were cowsheds but no cowslips in the fields that I was in!  The Cow Shed range always makes me think about those days when the farmers kids that I was on the course with, used to play a game similar to frisbe with dried cow pats.  Yes, really. Very traumatic for a London girl, 250 miles from home… but I digress.

I really like the packaging of this product which is black, with white Cow Slips, in contrast to the majority of the Cow Shed  range, which is white with black Cow Slips.  If the lining of your handbag is black as mine is.. there is enough white on the tube for to be able to see it even when it is in the bottom of your bag!  I got this travel size as part of the Liberty’s Ultimate Beauty Gift, and it is the perfect handbag size.

This handcream packs a double mint punch.  There is Spearmint and Peppermint in the blend, but it manages to stay  away from feeling and smelling like a footcream with the sweet orange and May Chang (lemony) oil.  The mint element is therefore very bold, but it does settle after about ten minutes on the skin and the citrus comes through.  I did not find it overpowering.  I really like the smell, especially after the mint element has settled.  Cow Shed recommend this as a bathroom/ kitchen handcream beacuse of the antibacterial/anti inflammatory benefits of the essential oils, and although I have been carrying this around with me, I think it would be a great post cooking hand cream as it would neutralise onion and garlic on the hands.

The texture of the cream is lovely, a cream rather then a lotion, (hurrah) which absorbs quickly, and because it is not thin (watery) there is an opportunity work the cream into the hands thanks in part to the shea and cocoa seed butters.  In addition, Cow Shed are a paraben, petrochemical and sulphate free range.  It does not leave a sheen on the skin but the skin is defintely moisturised after use.  It does not leave the skin greasy or tacky after use so you can open doors , type and swipe your smartphone / tablet without having to wait or leaving marks on the screen.  I really like this handcream and I would definitely but it again.

Are you a fan of the Cow Shed range?  Which products do you use?


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