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Rub a Dub Scrub: Lierac Tonic Exfoliating Care for the Body

I have recently restarted (for the umpteenth time) my gym regime.  I generally go before work for a short but intense bit of punishment exercise before taking myself to the office.   One of the ways that I encourage myself to go to the gym is to ensure that I have lovely products in my gym bag to use in the shower (sad but true).  A recent addition to my gym back, is the Lierac Tonic Exfoliating Care for the Body.

The box is an interesting medley of pink and gold giving a slightly luxurious feel… so when you open the box, the pink white and gold theme  continues but when you open the tube, the product is an amazing soft turquoise colour, like an old fashioned minty toothpaste!  The smell is slightly reminiscent of a spa treatment with a soft woodiness and does not reflect peach and papaya fruitiness that are listed in the ingredients.

The granules in the product are not from a fruit stone, they are polyethylene beads (plastic) which means that each is exactly the same size and completely spherical.  They are very very fine which makes it great to use in the shower two to three times a week. It does provide a very effective exfoliation because there are lots of granules in every handful so you don’t have to go over any part of the body lots of times to ensure that the granules have been worked into the skin.  The exfoliator  does not work up into a lather – it is not oil based and it is not very creamy so it is not easy to mix with your shower gel for a softer exfoliation but it does rinse of easily and leaves the bathroom gently fragranced.

Great for a quick home manicures as well a quick but enjoyable shower whether at home, in your bathroom sanctuary or at the gym, which whilst being clean and recently refurbished is purely functional is not my favourite shower ( it is soooo cold).

Do you use different products at the gym to those you use at home?


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