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Perricone ‘it’s not handwash’ Nutritive Cleanser

My mister does not share my beauty obsession, but he is accustomed to me sticking my hand up to his nose and asking him to smell this or that… or asking him to  try this or that handcream etc.  He is also accustomed to my bathroom being jam-packed with products that rotate on a regular basis.  Some things in my bathroom however remain constant.  The arrangement of my sink is one of them  Toothpaste is on the left, next to the hot tap,  face wash is on the right, next to the cold tap and handwash or hand soap in the middle – between the two taps.   Like I say, this has always been the arrangement.  For the majority of this year I have been using Perricone Nutritive Cleanser.  It was positioned next to the cold tap.  Where the face wash lives.

I like this cleanser so whilst I am pretty heavy-handed with my product, I do use other cleansers, so imagine my surprise when I found that it was going down in the jar at the rate of knots.  Even in weeks where I was not using it, the level was still going down…. until I found out the reason why…my mister was using my Perricone Nutritive Cleanser as handwash.  Worse still, he was DOUBLE PUMPING .  One pump is more than enough for my face and neck and here was using a pump for each hand.  I was outraged, he thought it was hilarious and the cleanser was put out of his reach…

I really like the packaging of this range.  It is simplistic and clear and the brown glassware conjours up images of apothecaries.  The cleanser is clear and the texture is a loose gel.  The fragrance of this product is quite distinct,  I have seen other reviewers describe it as fishy… but it is not fresh fish fishy, or gone off fish fishy but there is definitely something ‘organic’ about the fragrance.  I can’t describe it but when I first used the product I didn’t like it at all.  I’m used to it now so I hardly notice it.  The fragrance does not remain on the skin once you have used it and the effect on the skin is worth the slightly dodgy fragrance.  It does not leave my skin tight or dry and whilst it is definitely clean, it is not squeaky clean.  there is a clarifying effect.  It can be used morning and evening but I tend to use it in the morning and a balm cleanser in the evening.   I’ve just ordered a second bottle because it is a great cleanser, it would appear that it is a great handwash too, so this next bottle will be kept in the shower – out of reach of my mister’s hands!


3 thoughts on “Perricone ‘it’s not handwash’ Nutritive Cleanser

  1. hi
    love the site. Wondered if you’ve tried any Nude products? Used their oil face wash and it leaves my face just right. At times when I’m in a tropical environment I use Kiehl products, in particular their face wash for oily skin. Again really good but as it is so powerful, it should be only used if you truly have oily skin. Then there is Guinot products which again go hand in hand when you have their facials. I manage to get a free samply of Eve Lom facial cleanse, can’t wait to try.

    • Hello Plaintain1. Glad you are enjoying the site! Thanks for the tips! I have the Nude Miracle Mask in my beauty cupboard so I’ll be doing a review in about a month. I’ve used the Eve Lom Cleanser, and it is great – even though it has mineral oil in it. I’ve never tried Kiehls – I’ll look out for them in my next shopping trip!!

      • Thanks for your response. In fact, I was in John Lewis yesterday and bought a moisturiser from Nude and managed to get some free samples including (another) Eve Lom cleanser. Let’s see how it all goes!

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