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Handcream for fishing folk: !QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care

My search for a light but moisturising handcream is never-ending and I had real hopes that !QMS Medicosmetics Hand Care would fit the bill.  The teal and white with the touch of silver packaging is attractive and reflects the medical / clinical philosophy  of the brand very well. The lid is completely flat so the product can stand up, which is great as it means that the hand cream can move with gravity towards to opening.  The packaging is robust enough to come out of weeks in my overstuffed bag unscathed, but the hard opaque packaging means that you have no idea when the product has run out and for those of us that like to get every last drop of product by cutting open the packaging, don’t try it with this one as it will blunt the scissors!

The fragrance is initially quite sharp and not in a good / citrus way.  It then dries down into something quite powdery  (the synthetic end of the clean musk fragrance range) and this fades after about 10 minutes.  My skin responds well to butters and oils in skincare and I feel like this does not have any butters and oils in it.  I could not find the ingredients listed on the website and it is not on the packaging so I don’t know what is in it.  What I do know is that it does not leave a sheen on the skin.  This has a barrier cream (heavy on the glycerine)  texture but it does not leave a thick layer on the skin.  When you rub it into dry cuticles it does not make a difference to the appearance, the texture or the level of hydration  of the skin.  On the palms of the hand it leaves the same audibly dry sound if you rub your hands together.   For me, the formulation is like Neutrogena Norwegian Fishermans handcream which  I am not a fan of… but I am  not a fisherman and it is possible that I would feel differently if I were.


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