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Byredo Parfums Blanche Body Lotion

I know the Byredo range from their candles so I was excited to see what they could do with a body lotion

The lotion is pure white, like the tube and absorbs easily into the skin.  It is a very light lotion and is not rich enough for me to use as a body cream, so I have been using it has a hand cream in the office.  It has some lovely ingredients, including shea butter, cottonseed oil and vitamin E so I was expecting a richer formulation although the product has quite a lot of slip so it is easy to work it into dry cuticles and knuckles.  After application the skin is soft and quite smooth but there is no sheen

This fragrance is part of the clean musk range, and to me it smells like Philosophy’s’ Pure Grace.  It is a family of fragrances that for those that don’t like them often seem to be quite synthetic.  Unfortunately, I find this fragrance to be overpowering in a synthetic way.  The white rose, pink pepper, violet and neroli in the fragrance blend are completely absent to me.  I don’t really get white flower with this fragrance either.  I imagine that this fragrance would work well as a soap but as a body lotion it does nothing for me.

This fragrance has been on my mind because I was trying to work out which part of my life it would fit best.  I think that this fragrance would be good in a soap, although I think it smells a bit like laundry detergent so if it were a fabric spray for towels and linens that would be fine too… but I don’t think that I would want it as a candle because I could replicate the smell by hanging up my laundry and I definitely don’t want to smell like laundry.  If you like clean musk scents it is worth the sniff but it is not my cup of tea.


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