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Talon Tales: Rimmel’s Sky High

I love this colour.  It is gorgeous in the bottle and on my nails.  This is not my first Rimmel polish ever… but it is my first Rimmel polish in the past five years or so.  I thought that it would look a bit ‘wrong’ on my skin.  Sometimes opaque shades in this tone just dont look right on me but not the case with this one.   It was purchased recently during my lunch hour when office politics decided to jump up and down on my last trembling nerve.  It is difficult to do any retail therapy when small branches of  JD Sport, Iceland, M&S, Boots and Primark are the best offering there is within a 10 minute walk (in heels) of the office.

This nail polish claims to dry in 60 seconds and to be one coat application.  No to both of these.  The first coat is streaky, it definitely needs a second coat.  Did I mention that I love this colour?  Rimmel London also claim that the ‘Xpress flat brush’ will provide one second application.  Errr… no to that too. Even with two coats of  OPI’s nail envy underneath it (my nails are currently  in a terrible state) and one coat of Seche Vite over it, I had to do a top up on the tips of my nails the next morning.  This shade does not last more then two days before I need to remove it and reapply it.  I have worn this medium toned teal/turqoise (more blue then green) colour on my short (stubby) nails and on slightly longer nails and it looks fab on both lengths.  This colour makes me happy.


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