Orla Kiely Eau de Parfum

A few months back I attend the TOWIB1 event and came across the Orla Keily Fragrance and Home Fragrance range for the first time.  I love my citrus fragrances, but I think it is important to step out of your comfort zone as you never know what olfactory gems you can find in a beautiful glass bottle.

‘Orla Keily Eau de Parfum’ is a bit of a long name for a fragrance… but the packaging is lovely isn’t it.

I have a 5 ml sample, and the bottle replicates the full size.  It is glass with Orla’s signature stems embossed on it.  The orange/brown lid is cute, but plastic. I find with my sample that it does not fit  the bottle very well and for me the materials are mis-matched. The fragrance lasts seven to eight hours on my skin but changes dramatically during that time.  Initially it is fruity floral and although there is bergamot in the blend, it is not a note that I can isolate.  From fruity floral it moves to fruity and then to a woody with a hint of musk which stays on the skin.  I don’t get any chocolate notes when I wear this fragrance, which is disappointing as I love to eat chocolate so I was curious about how it would wear on my skin.

For me – this fragrance would make a  great candle.  After the initial fruity floralness, which I quite like, I find the trajectory to woodiness disappointing on the skin and I think that I would find it less disappointing  in a candle…luckily Orla Keily does a candle so I will look out for it.

If you have this fragrance in the candle, I would love to hear from you.


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