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My first beauty box: Selfridges

The Beauty Box has been around for a while but I have never taken out a subcription.  Some companies have been really successful, others have fallen at the wayside and some are looking at variations the subscribed box theme.  Generally there is a monthly subscription for which you receive five to eight products, some samples, some travel sizes and occasionally a full size.

One of the reasons that that I have not subscribed to a box is because I am convincted that I am NOT the person they have developed the box for.  I’m black so complexion products  wont be suitable for me and colour products will need to be super-pigmented.  Many beauty boxes have an ‘ambassador’ who represents the brand.  She is generally in her  early twenties… which means that I am old enough to be her mother and our skincare needs will be very different.  On top of that, I have waist length locs so as well as a 5ml sample just not working for me, neither will hairspray, heat protecting serum, mousse or a range of other products.

On Tuesday morning, there was alot of chatter on twitter my interest about a beauty box… from Selfridges.  It has was  available… but then it sold out…. before I even had a chance to find out more about it.  So I had a look and my interest was piqued… but the opportunity to get it was gone… until, another tweet came from Selfridges that some more boxes were available…. so out came my credit card and the purchase was made.

This is not a subscription box and the products, which I will come to later are fabulous.  For me this is a beauty hamper not a beauty box.  It was £15 plus a £4.95 postage and package charge.  Generally I am not a fan of P&P charges because, I don’t think they reflect the cost of the packaging, nor do they require an  exceptional level of dexterity by the person that put the item into the box.  This  Selfridges box impressed me with the packaging. The yellow ribbon was clearly hand tied as it was in a double bow, the tissue paper with ‘FAB’ and ‘WOW’ on them made open the box feel special.

Inside the box is a card,  which has information about the different brands and an invitation to visit the brands counter.  I really like this touch – it shows a confidence, that you will like them, but also give you an opportunity to discuss your needs with  senior or international member.

So, onto the products

  • Aesop, Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum – one sixth of the full size
  • Antipodes, Divine Face Organic Avocado Oil and Rosehip – Full size
  • Bioeffect, EGF Serum – one third of the full size
  • Estelle and Thild, Certified Organic Lip Balm – Full size
  • Omorovicza, Deep Cleaning Mask – One third of the full size
  • Phillip B, Katira Hair Mask – Full size
  • Stila, One Step Correct -Full size

I am very impressed with this beauty hamper/box. There is plenty of product in the sample sizes and three out of seven full sizes.  Fantastic value.  This is quite a universal kit – apart from the Stila corrector, I can use all of the products… as could my sisters and my mum.  All of my friends could use the products and …apart from the lipgloss (because it is fragranced), and the corrector (because he is black) and the hair mask (because he is balding), my mister could use the products too.   This cannot be said for all boxes.

The box only arrived yesterday, so I have not had a chance to try the products yet… apart from the lipgloss which is yummy and will be in my handbag for the next couple of weeks.

Did you get hold of the Selfridges Beauty Box?  Do you love it as much as I do?


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