Talon Tales: Juicy Watermelon

My nails like the weather, are not doing what they should.   Normally during the summer my nails go through a mini growth spurt … but not this year.

However, I am going on holiday in three weeks (hurrah, hurrah) and an important part of the holiday nail preparation is the choice of nail colour.  It needs to

  • suitable for fingers and toes
  • be long lasting and
  • complement everything in my holiday wardrobe

This gorgecous colour is called  Watermelon (127) and described by Essie as red.  On me it is a pinky/red and truth be told, it is not but colour of watermelon… but this creme colour  is juicy and bright and summery.  It makes my short splitting nails look short as in chic!  They dont look stubby, or like they are split half way down the nail bed (which is unfortuneatly the reality).

This colour is really making me look forward to my trip.


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