Comment: Lovely New Neighbours

Whenever the media report that a  poll was carried out about neighbourliness… and that people London have yet again, been shown to be unfriendly, rude, that they don’t know their neighbours and that they are generally horrible I get a bit fed up.  It is an easy stereotype to lay at our door and, I have to say  it doesn’t reflect my experience.  I am a Londoner born and bred and I have always known who my neighbours are.  I may not know what grades they got for the GCSE’s or whether they are allergic to peanuts, but I do know their names, I say hello to them in the supermarket and  I know that if I needed to borrow a cup of sugar or a spanner that I could knock on their door and make the request… and vice versa    When I think about it… I probably know more about them then I need to… like when they go to the loo, whether they buy their CD’s from Amazon or Play, what they argue about (I live in a flat – the walls are thin) and what time they leave the house in the morning to go to work.  Isn’t that enough?

I provided refuge for a neighbour who lost her keys whilst jogging one Christmas Eve a couple of years ago.  We spent the six hours waiting for the locksmith drinking Christmas Spirit and putting the world to rights.    A couple of months later, she moved north of the Watford Gap and we lost touch.  Are we unfriendly?  I don’t think so,  we are just busy, and she is my neighbour, that is not the same as being my friend.

So,  I have some new neighbours.  I was away from home most of the weekend, Saturday at Chessington  and Sunday at a wedding up north, so when I returned home I was really touched to see  that a card and some chocolate had been pushed through my letter box.  I ate the chocolate so there is no pic of that (Green and Blacks Mint… NOM)  but isn’t the card lovely?

Who says that Londoners are cold and horrible and don’t talk to each other?

Welcome neighbours!!

What are your neighbours like?


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