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Project 10 Pan…. PatentPurpleStyle

Project 10 Pan...Patent Purple Style

All 10 products

My sister introduced me via You Tube to the 10 Pan concept.  If you are not familiar with it, it goes something like this.  You choose 10 products that you are going to use until they are finished (until you hit the pan) and you are not going to buy any more products until those 10 are finished.  Brilliant I thought, a real incentive to work my way through the bathroom shelf that is assigned all the ‘mehhhh’ products.  Then I watched a second video and the gravity of what was being suggested   revealed itself.  Errrr… not buy ANYTHING until those 10 are finished…ummm…. well…but…err… Boots has  3 for 2 on makeup…. and Sleek have brought out a new blush palette… and I’ve got a beauty blender dupe winging its way to me in the post.   You see my problem.

Do you feel my pain?

Rather then torture myself with something that I knew that I could not  did not want to stick to… the PatentPurple version of Project 10 Pan is… I will use the products listed below…until they are finished… err… that’s  it!

So, I decided to cover all bases with a mixture of hair, face, body and make up products.

Africa's Best Herbal Oil

HAIR: Africa’s Best Herbal Oil.

I have locs and I love looking after my hair with different oils, moisturisers, essential oils, water etc. As my hair is long, (long enough to cover up the back fat) it means that I get through ALOT of product.  ALOT.  It also means that if a product does not fill my nostrils with a smell I find invigorating, enlivening, sensual, fresh, pleasant, or nice… it goes onto the mehhhh shelf.  I dont like the smell of this product.  It contains a vast range of oils so I am sure that it is an effective moisturiser… but… I don’t like the smell.  I’ll be adding a few drops of lavender, and ylang ylang essential oils to this and using it as a hot oil treatment BEFORE I wash my hair!

No Foundation Foundation

FACE: Perricone No Foundation Foundation.

Gracious me.  Sigh.  It was part of a 4 piece set, from QVC.  The other 3 products, I am currently using… and enjoying (cleanser, serum and moisturiser) … but this?  Nahhhhh!    This is called the No Foundation Foundation.  Apparently, if you use this product, you wont need to apply foundation.  Apparently, it is a universal colour.  Not in this universe, because, like the majority sunscreens which contain zinc and titanium, it leaves a white film on my lovely brown skin.  It has SPF 30 and some good anti ageing ingredients… so although the smell is a bit dodgy so I will soldier on with it.

Face products

FACE: Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is the only glycolic acid product that I have used.   When I use it I do find that there is a slight tingling sensation but it does not last for long and it is not uncomfortable.  The next day my face is definitely clearer but I am not overly oily or congested so I was using it about once a week… as I write this… I am not sure why I relegated this to the mehhhh pile… hmmm

FACE: Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

This product was recommended to me after a waxing session to help prevent ingrown hairs.  That didn’t work… but it is quite good on my occasional breakouts.

Bath Salts

BODY: Dermalogica Bath Salts

These salts were recommended by the same therapist  the overnight clearing gel.  The thing is… i’m not much of a bather (much more of a shower person).  That said… when I do take the time to bath, I like this product… so note to self, now that the drought warnings have been lifted – have more baths.

Project 10 Makeup


Milani Eye Shadow

MAKEUP: Milani – I Heart You.

I love Coloured Beautiful’s Youtube channel.  Her Milani Blue my Mind tutorial is AH – MAZ – ZING.  So, I have been searching high and low for Milani in the UK … to no avail.  A friend of mine was recently in the states and brought back a stash for me.  Say ‘hello gorgeous’ to I Heart You.  A baked, metallic, pigmented, beautiful red eyeshadow.

I have a funny (funny peculiar not funny ha ha) relationship with the colour red in clothes, accessories and makeup and the truth is…I am only likely to do an eye look with this colour at Christmas.   It is just not an everyday colour for me.  That said… I  have also discovered that it works well as a blush, but you need the lightest touch otherwise you look like COCO…the clown, not Coco Chanel.  Seriously, that stuff is PIGMENTED!


MAKE UP: Jemma Kid Eyeliners

This is a three-fer.  I got these as a set of four from TKMaxx.  There was a brown in the set but that colour did not work for me at all so I binned it.  The blue and the green are great on the tightline and the black I will fill in my brows.  It will be easy to get through these… I just need to be disciplined.

OPI Suzi Says Da

MAKEUP: OPI Suzi says Da

This is a colour that I have used a few times but …  I don’t find it exciting.  I love the OPI range…. but… I would rather wear purple, blue or green.  To put this in some context, I bought this at the same time as I bought Russian Navy, I am now half way through my second bottle of that and still less than a third of the way through Suzi.  Not to worry though, this is going to be the colour I wear for the next few months to see how far I get.

I’ll keep you updated – but why not join me on this project? Which products do you have  sitting in your bathroom which you are not really keen on? Can get to the pan?


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