Lola Rose Sample Sale

About 10 days ago, I received an email from Lola Rose inviting me to their sample sale .  The email was unexpected, but  I was more than happy to receive it as I have been wearing this range of jewellery for many years and have a small collection.  What I love about this range is that the pieces allow me to make  a statement without being ‘blingy’.  Don’t get me wrong – I love shiny, sparkly, glittery jewellery, but for everyday wear I like to make a statement through geometry and simplicity.  This range has many  heart and flower motifs which are just not my style,  but there is plenty of variety and a vast range of colours.

The sale started on Thursday and try as I might to get out of the office early to head to the sale, I just did not manage it.  So bright and early…ish  on Saturday Morning, I took myself to the Lola Rose head office with debit card in hand.

On arrival there were drinks and cupcakes to welcome us along with an array of discounted LR products.  As my collection is now quite extensive, I was trying to be sensible and purchase items to fill the gaps in my LR wardrobe. The first room was where the sample sale was held, across a corridor where the scarves were set up  and  into the showroom to view the A/W 2012 range. There was a slight feeling of deja vu for me as I had been to an LR sample sale 4 years ago. If my memory serves me correctly, last time the sale was held in the showroom which is a larger space and for some reason I feel like there was more products were on sale.

That said,  did I arrive on the third day and the staff had said that Thursday was very very busy.    I was very happy to see some zebra jasper pieces in the display of the A/W range this one of my favourite stones which has not been utilised in the range for many season.

But the what caught my eye the most was a matt black agate  bracelet.  This piece is definitely going onto my wish list!

A boutique range is also coming forward in August. Pieces made with brass and then plated in gold or silver.  Some  hoop earrings caught my eye as well as some fabulous cabouchon rings.

I was in search of a grey agate ring to complement a necklace and a pair of earrings that I have – unfortunately none of the rings fit me (my own fault for not getting to the sale sooner) , so I picked up a grey agate bracelet which has a White Howlite stone and a beautiful white grey and black scarf made in a very soft modal.  With prices being 50 – 75% discounted, a Lola Rose sample sale is definitely worth a visit – but hopefully, it won’t be four years till the next one!

More of this gorgeous jewellery can be found at

Are you a fan of this range? It would be great to hear about your collections.


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